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 Client Testimonials


Kristen C.

“I am so grateful to Laura for all of the help that she’s given me and my anxious Corgi! When I initially called Laura, I was at the end of my rope with a puppy who was struggling with sensitivity issues, fear and aggression. Laura, with her calm and helpful nature, has greatly helped both my dog and me to build our confidence. She approaches training with a fun and practical tone, which results in success for the dog and owner. My Corgi and I look forward to Laura’s training sessions, and we work together with Laura to celebrate our progress and to identify goals for improvement. Laura’s expertise and kindness has made all of the difference in helping my puppy gain valuable skills."


Mary B.

"Laura has a special gift! Our puppy Cooper is wonderful but so big and energetic that we sometimes have trouble controlling him. It is amazing how quickly Laura corrects any issues; she absolutely understands his mindset and motivations. She has given us many easy, basic tips that help work through behaviors that are bothering us and—even more important—that build behaviors that fit into our family life. One of my favorites is showing him that it’s time to relax. This has been great when we’re visiting family. Instead of bouncing around the room, he is learning to lie down next to me during the visit.
Laura’s training is done in such an upbeat, positive way. Cooper loves it so much that I feel like I’m giving him a present! We know this investment in training will pay off for years to come."


Amy D.

"Canine Communication came to my rescue as I tried to train two small puppies at the same time this past winter. To say that my now adolescent dogs are wonderfully behaved (they are) simply doesn’t do the training we received justice. Laura helped me understand my dogs and to learn how to communicate with them in an always positive way. The lessons she leads are fun for all of us. She has taught me to focus on what they do right and to work with their drives rather than against them. I cannot recommend Canine Communication more highly."

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Nancy R.

Nancy R

"Laura’s smart and compassionate approach to dog training has given our dog the most wonderful start! She is positive, upbeat and her techniques have brought out the very best in our dog. She makes training fun and her expertise has been invaluable!"


Susie D.

Susie D

"I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Laura as a trainer and teacher over the last few years and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is an incredibly skilled trainer and is sensitive to both the dog’s needs as well as the owner’s."


Barbara B.

Barb B.

“Laura is a gifted trainer with an intuitive understanding of dogs. She did a great job of identifying triggers for my dog’s behavior problems an teaching me how to change the dynamic so he did not react the same way. In addition, She’s a pleasure to work with”.


Jonathan C.

“Laura is fantastic! We’re new dog owners, and she taught us how to understand and train our new puppy with patience and positive reinforcement. Laura brings her vast experience, insight, and problem-solving skills to every session. We learned so much from her!”


Kathy H.

"Fifteen years ago, we adopted a two year old dog who was sweet with people but extremely reactive around other dogs. Walking her was impossible because she lunged at every dog, baring her teeth and growling, so we called Laura Harrington for help. Laura first worked directly with our pup, Westy. Then she worked with me and my family teaching us how to be good dog parents. With Laura's help, we were soon able to walk Westy around the neighborhood without incident. Two years ago, we lost Westy to cancer. We were heartbroken, but this summer when we felt ready to adopt a puppy; Laura was our first call. She vetted the breeder for us and helped us prepare our house for a new puppy. Now that Hazel is home, Laura is again working with us to be sure we are consistent and confident puppy parents. Laura's kind, observant and clear instructions are invaluable to us and to our beloved dogs."


Julianne S.

"Laura is the best! She helped us understand that from an early age, our French Bulldog puppy, Stogie, found the world to be a scary place. Our journey with Stogie has been an emotional one and Laura has been there with us for continuous support as we navigate his fears. Laura teaches us how to help Stogie build trust around new people through the art of training cues. When we teach our friends and family our skills from Laura, Stogie can tell that this person is communicating with him, this helps him be less afraid. We love our training sessions with Laura - Stogie is ready to get to work and have a fun session as soon as he sees her!"

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